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 IPSHR strongly recommends that solid horses be bred to lp and/or patterned colored horses.


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A PINTO shall be defined as any horse which displays the Pinto pattern.

To maintain registration with IPSHR, Pintaloosa breeding horses must be bred to any Appaloosa or another Pintaloosa.  See registration categories below.



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Pinto registration categories

**This horse does not need to be any defined breed**

These are the breeds of horses that are currently recognized by the IPSHR as PINTO breeds:   (Did we forget one? Let us know.)

Paint Horse

Gypsy Vanner

National Show Horse

Spotted Draft

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Fun Fact:

A heterozygous Pinto will pass on its pattern 50% of the time


A homozygous Pinto will pass on its pattern 100% of the time