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 IPSHR strongly recommends that solid horses be bred to Lp and/or patterned horses.


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Fun Fact

The name Imperial was

chosen for this book

because China is

believed to be where

some of the earliest Lp Patterned horses originated.




An IMPERIAL SPORT HORSE shall be defined as any horse which is the result of breeding a Lp Patterned horse to a horse of any other breed.  Breeding Lp Patterned  sport horse's  is the goal !

Horses may qualify for registration only after they have met the inspection criteria and/or performance criteria.


It is the goal of IPSHR to promote good breeding practices.

Through the inspection process the assessment of conformation, correctness, along with the horse's ability to perform sport horse disciplines will be evaluated.





List of Lp Patterned Sport Horse Inspected Horses



HOW TO QUALIFY FOR registration

**This horse does not need to be any defined breed, however this book will not recognize horses that exhibit a high amount of white do to the Sabino or Pinto gene/s**

The horse must have an inspection score at a sport horse type inspection where the the walk, trot and canter are scored.

The horse's conformation must also be scored.

No score may be lower than 6.0 in any one area.

A horse with out an inspection score may also qualify for this book, however performing horses do not have conformation scores. It will be up to the discretion of the IPSHR council whether the horse appears adequate in structure.