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 IPSHR strongly recommends that solid horses be bred to LP/Patn colored horses.


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An APPALOOSA horse shall be defined as any horse that is registered or eligible for registration with ApHC or ApHCC or any other affiliated registry that stays within the breeding parameters of Appaloosa to Appaloosa or accepted breeding outcrosses to Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, or Arabian horses. 

All horses meeting these breeding guidelines will be eligible for IPSHR registration as an APPALOOSA horse. 

IPSHR recognizes some of these horses may display a high expression of facial and leg white markings, and that such horses may not be registered with ApHC or ApHCC.  IPSHR does not regard such markings as a disqualifying fault for this category. 

However, large expressed patches of obvious paint or pinto patterning -- continuous leg white above the elbows and gaskins, large areas of white on the belly or body -- shall constitute disqualification for this category.  See Pintaloosa