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This Stallion is listed as a Donation Stallion for breeding purposes. All monies are collected by IPSHR. Once your check clears, you will be put in touch with the Stallion owner and will be sent that owners stallion breeding contract. IPSHR has made every effort to insure you get a quality Stallion with a Reputable Owner. All monies collected are used for the promotion, education and research of Pattern Horses. Thank you!


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Ljibbes Valour
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Ljibbe's Valour

FPZV/FHS  Approved 17.0 Hand Friesian Stallion

Just over 17 hands, Valour's quiet nature, elegant movement and majestic look make him an exceptional example of the Friesian breed. He is available for live cover and transported cooled semen.  

Valour was keured by the FPZV/FHS in the fall of 2003 and earned a 1premie and passed the 50 day stallion performance test in February of 2004 with a score of  7.11

In the summer of 2001 Valour was presented to the American Warmblood Society and was approved as a breeding stallion with a 76.625% test score, earning himself a Blue Premium.

Four of his offspring were presented as well; all earning scores over 65%.  A Valour offspring, J Raffie, born in 2000 was awarded the highest score of the approvals earning himself the American Warmblood Society Supreme title and a silver medal in Yearling Colts in North America.

In August of 2004 Valour was awarded Grand Champion Friesian Purebred stallion by International Friesian Show Horse Association.

He is available for live cover and transported cooled semen.

Standard Breeding Fee $1200




Friesian stallions registered

with the FPZV are legal for

breeding to none Friesian mares.